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  Stick-E Yogi Starter Bundle    

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List Price: $98.00 per Each
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Item Code: 71655014704
Weight: 3.70LB
Categories: Yoga Socks, Gloves & Bundles

The Yogi Starter bundle is the perfect combination of products for the Yogi who is just getting started. This package contains one pair of black Stick-e Yoga Socks...for that Barefoot Feeling!, one Stick-e Yoga Towel...for a Clean grip, and one Yoga Stick-e Mat with multifunctional strap. This package has all of the elements needed to have a clean, effective, and safe workout. It ensures a comfortable, non-slip, clean workout with Stick-e Socks and Towel. The Stick-e Yoga Towel, is multifunctional. It will protect face and hands from shared mats and equipment while absorbing sweat and staying in place. It will also stick to weight benches and cardio machines! The Stick-e Mat with it's center line will help the Yogi with proper body alignment and its 3 in 1 strap makes it easier to carry, hang for cleaning, and enable you to perform deeper stretches and more difficult poses.

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