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DynaFlex Arm Shaper
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DynaFlex Arm Shaper

  • The DynaFlex Arm Shaper does what it says.
  • Get the Gyro spinning and grip onto the handle for a total arm workout that shapes and tones your arms without lifting weights.
  • You can take this DynaFlex Arm Shaper anywhere and get a tremendous workout in just a few minutes.
  • The DynaFlex Arm Shaper is not only a great tool for getting your arms in shape it is widely used by Pro Athletes to increase arm strength, coordination, grip, elbow, shoulder, wrist, triceps and bicep strength.
  • Any sport involving arm or hand strength and coordination makes the DynaFlex Arm Shaper a must have tool, that you can be used anywhere to get in shape even in only a few minutes a day.
  • Improve your golf swing, bat swing, paddle or racket swing, rowing motion, throwing motion, wrist and grip strength plus much much more.
  • Professional Athletes use it to improve their game.
  • The Military and NASA use it to workout in tight or weightless environments, Sports.
  • Physical Therapists and Chiropractors use it to prevent and recover from injury, carpal tunnel or overuse syndrome.
  • You can use it for all of the above or just to have fun while getting a surprisingly effective workout, without going to the gym or throwing weights around.
  • Enjoy a tech savvy workout today without spending an arm and a leg to get one.

List Price: $41.95 per Piece
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DynaFlex Docking Station
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DynaFlex Docking Station

  • Use the DynaFlex Power Docking Station to instantly start up your DynaFlex Pro, Powerball or Arm Shaper.
  • The DynaFlex Docking Station is a great place to store your DynaFlex while not in use, or get it up to speed in just a matter of seconds when you are ready to go!
  • Get one for home and for the office, or wherever you can get a quick workout in.

List Price: $29.95 per Piece
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DynaFlex Dynamax Core Trainer
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DynaFlex Dynamax Core Trainer

  • Get the Ultimate Core Workout from the DynaMax Core Trainer.
  • Originally designed for the Military Special Forces to get the toughest of all core workouts.
  • The DynaMax Core Trainer is now available to the public and will quickly become your strength and fitness exercise tool of choice for total body strength and conditioning.
  • "It kicked my BUTT!" Is what is commonly said after only a few minutes of use.
  • This is the future of fitness, and you can get one today.
  • Personal Trainers are building entire workout routines around this fitness tool because its just that effective, and can be used almost anywhere and at any time.
  • Get the only fitness tool you will need for your most complete core workout and start building today!

List Price: $309.95 per Piece
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DynaFlex Powerball Blue
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DynaFlex Powerball Blue

  • Welcome to the DynaFlex Powerball.
  • Like the DynaFlex Pro, the DynaFlex Powerball delivers a surprisingly amazing workout as well as a tremendous light show.
  • As the Gyro spins faster and faster, the LED lights flash faster and brighter, creating a spectacular light show and adding more fun than any workout you've tried.
  • Have fun, be amazed and get strong as this Powerball revs up to 14,000 RPMs resulting in 38lbs of torque in the palm of your hand.
  • Easy, fun and entertaining as you get the workout of a life.
  • It may be fun, but its better than any toy when it comes to strengthening your arms, hands, shoulders, elbows and your grip.
  • Used in space by NASA, as well as in the Military, Pro Sports Teams, Sports Trainers, Physical Therapists, and every day folks just wanting to increase grip and arm strength while having fun.

List Price: $49.95 per Piece
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DynaFlex Pro
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DynaFlex Pro

  • This has to be the most fun you can have while working out.
  • The DynaFlex Gyro is an amazing, fun and exciting way to get a surprisingly effective workout.  Get this Gyro spinning and just hang on for an amazing ride.
  • An unbelievable fun workout as the Gyro spins up to 9000 RPMs and you hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder experience a total workout.
  • The DynaFlex is widely used by Pro Athletes, The Military, NASA, Sports and Physical Therapists, as well as everyday folks just wanting to increase grip, hand and arm strength while having fun in there spare time.

List Price: $38.95 per Piece
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