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GripPro Hand Finger Arm Muscle Trainer
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GripPro Hand Finger Arm Muscle Trainer

  • The GripPro set of 3 Hand Finger Forearm Strength Trainer is one of the best most convenient to use grip strength exercisers to carry around.
  • The Grip Pro Trainer comes in a set of 3 resistances 30lb for warming up and getting started on your grip strength, 40lb as you gain grip strength and the 50lb resistance when you develop a strong grip and want to keep going.
  • The GripPro Trainer is a great stress reliever that allows you to work on your grip strength anywhere and anytime.
  • Because its easy to carry around, you will find yourself using your Grip Pro Trainer everywhere you go, in the car, at the office, as you walk or run, outdoors or on a treadmill, while reading or even when you are watching TV.
  • Musicians, rock climbers, athletes, anyone who wants or needs to improve their grip or improve their game will enjoy the Grip Pro Trainer.

List Price: $21.95 per Set
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